1Rhinoplasty can be done and at what age?
For girls and boys from age 16 to age 17, and if someone wants to do at a younger age of onset of puberty in girls, they have at least 2 years. The situation is different in children who have had a broken nose. Most of the growth in children with nasal septum occurs in two stages. The first step for both boys and girls from birth to 5 years. The second phase of development in girls 8 to 12 years and boys from 10 to 14 years to happen. Closed Reduction of bone or septum in children is safe, but any non-emergency open surgery until after the completion of the critical growth stages nose postponed. Severe nasal bone fractures, leading to fragmentation Vtyghh is expected, not corrected by closed reduction and long-term complications such as untreated it can cause airway obstruction and aesthetic problem. In such cases, according to numerous reports from around the world, surgeons recommended surgery on the nose. And according to pool reports and our experience in such cases achieved satisfactory results in terms of respiratory and beauty, without negative impact on the growth of the nose or face.